Sonntag, 8. Dezember 2019

Successful surgery

Hey folks!

I am back home and already 2 weeks post surgery - time flies!

The surgery was a huge success and Dr. Arthur is a true artist!
I am having trouble uploading my surgery videos to YouTube/ they keep banning my videos and I don’t know why, so I helped myself and made some screenshots from the videos for you so you can see my results. I hope the issue will resolve quickly because videos are so much better than simple pictures.

Here are my before pictures:

and the result immediately after/during surgery:

Montag, 4. November 2019

Lost a lot of weight

Hey folks!
I am back :-)
I managed to lose a lot of weight during the last couple of months and I am skinnier than I ever thought possible!
Not only did I reach my former weight of 54kg, but got even further down to 52kg, then 50kg and finally reached my lowest weight ever in my adult life of 48kg!!!
I never thought I would be able to get there, at least not in a healthy way. But I managed to do it with a moderate calorie reduced diet of 1000-1200kcal per day and a lot of walking and slight jogging.

I really loved my figure at 48kg but the only downside was, that my former huge breasts got really really small and therefore I have a lot of loose skin in that area ;-/

But since I know about Dr. Arthur and his skills regarding fat grafting, I sent an email with some pictures to his assistant Jennifer and he believed he could help me by performing  fat grafting to my breasts! In order for getting the best result possible, it was recommended to gain a little bit of weight back.
So here I am, 51kg, still relatively skinny, waiting for my surgery on November 21th :-)
I‘m so excited!!!

I‘ll keep you posted!

Here’s how my breasts look like at the moment

Montag, 14. Januar 2019

Forearms liposution 2 months after touch-up

Hey guys,

here are some pictures 2 months after my touch-up liposuction in november.
I'm in love with the result! Now I can see my muscles on my forearms as well :-)
Forearms 2 months after touch-up surgery
muscles on my forearms :-)

Mittwoch, 28. November 2018

Touch-Up liposuction of forearms, further weight-loss and video-comparission tummy liposuction before and 7-months after surgery

Hey folks,

I managed to reach a weight of 57kg!! I'm almost satisfied with my new figure, but as I am a perfectionist, I still wanted to get some small spots on my forearms done, because I knew, that I wouldn't lose much weight at my arms, even if I lost much more weight.
So here are my videos of my latest surgery in Medan. :-)

Before Surgery

Immediately after surgery

And what I find really amazing is this video, where you can see a direct comparisson of my tummy and waist before liposuction and now, 7 months after liposuction. The result is amazing! Videos are so much better to show the full result than fotos!

Result of tummy/waist liposuction 7 months after surgery

Mittwoch, 1. August 2018

Had to postpone surgery

Hey folks,

unfortunately I wasn't able to get surgery done in July, because I felt sick when I was in Medan, so I had to postpone the surgery. It was annoying because of the expensive and long flight, but you know what? Safety and your health is much more important! So don't undergo surgery if you are not feeling 100% fit.
My journey will continue soon :-)

Montag, 11. Juni 2018

Quick update: Next surgery and weight loss success

Just a quick update because I‘m very busy at work at the moment. Sorry for not updating more frequently! Here are some new pictures :-)

I‘m thrilled about my new figure! Like sooo much!!
So much, in fact, that I did it again! I booked my next surgery for liposuction on my calves and ankles in July!!!
I know I wrote before, that my lower body was ok, and I still think it is, at least compared to my upper body before liposuction with Dr. Arthur... But now that I know, what might be possible, I don’t want to be satisfied with „ok“ anymore.

Besides, I already started my weight loss journey and I don’t know why, but right now it is quite easy for me, although I am not allowed to do any cardio training right now, after fat crafting. I just reduced my calory intake drastically to 800-1000 calories per day and eat a lot of protein and low-carb and do some light weight training (again, not too intense because it is not allowed after fat grafting).

I already reached my previously anticipated goal weight of 62kg and I don’t intend to stop quite yet.
Maybe 54kg will be possible again, after all?

My waist measures now between 68cm - 70cm (I guess it depends on swelling/water retention)
and my hips around 99-100cm - I guess due to weight loss around my hips, my butt still looks good and round ;-)
And I even lost some weight on my breasts - yeah!! Bigger is not always better... I went from G-Cup (!!!) to E Cup and it looks much better that way!!

Mittwoch, 30. Mai 2018

Almost 6 weeks after surgery

Here they are, my pictures after almost 6 weeks now. I’m so happy with the result! It’s amazing!!